Absolute Beginners-Failure of the film

Absolute Beginners was a film that centered around a narrator who becomes disillusioned with the city he lives in, London, because of the onset of race riots and other racial tensions towards the end of the novel. Although there were many interesting themes in the boABSOLUTE BEGINNERSok, the movie just didn’t do it for me. I am a fan of musicals, however this one seemed just a bit too much for my taste. Perhaps the dance fighting of the race riot put me over the edge. The very drawn out race riot fight scene was much too long in my opinion. This may also be why the movie itself did not do so well. The movie was panned partly because of its significant differences from the book. Although I did not enjoy it as much as some, I can’t deny that the film version was definitely entertaining. Overall, I enjoyed the novel much more. 


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