While reading Swastika Night, I naturally noticed a parallel to 1984. Both of these novels deal with a wild dystopian future in which humanity is all but lost within the overly controlled societies. In an article by Darragh McManus, he examines the similarities between the two: “Both were written in the same era; both offer forensic dissections of the psychopathology of power; both are masterful imaginings of a possible future drawn from the dreadful but logical conclusions of these ideologies. There are even specific similarities between the two: a hero slowly awakening in consciousness, the cult of political leadership, the rewriting of history, a secret text which reveals the truth, a photograph on which the plot twists.” The parallels in these books are fairly obvious, but why is 1984 so iconic whereas I had never even heard of Swastika Night? I found the ideas in this novel very fascina1984-book9ting, such as the Hitler based religion. This is very similar to North Korean ideology in which their last several leaders have been deified. The complete and total objectification of women for breeding is another terrifying idea. Similar things are happening now all over the world. I believe that this novel should be much more popular, because it is more relevant now than ever. It could maybe even be a companion novel to 1984. The terrifying reality of this novel is something that actually could happen. Stories like this one and 1984 are considered “a warning worth heeding in a book worth reading.” I simply don’t think this genre should be limited to only reading one book. Both this novel and 1984 compliment each other in a way that I believe is important. Each story is a chilling warning of what could happen if humanity forgets itself.


One thought on “1984?

  1. Timmy,

    I enjoyed this novel so much I couldn’t believe that I had never heard of it. I also saw many parallels between this novel and 1984, and 1984 was so widespread and read in my high school that I forgot that Swastika Night was actually published before Orwell’s 1984. I think that the success that 1984 had in comparison with Swastika Night is a sad example of women being left out of literary history. I also found the Hitler based religion extremely interesting because it really does mimic what is happening within the world today. Scary. Anyways, thank you for your insight, and I’m glad you enjoyed the book as much as I did.




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