Strong Sisters- Women’s influence in Government

After watching strong sisters, I became fixated on the concept of women in government in different time periods. The thought that women in modern day America are still fighting for their equality in government is both startling and revealing when it comes to this issue. This prompted me to write a paper on this issue for another class in which I compared the influence of women in government between two medieval texts: The Arabian Nights and the Irish text The Tain Bo Cuailnge. In this paper, I discovered that a women’s most powerful influence would come from talking to the King in the bedchamber. Women did in fact have a very powerful influence in each tale, but only indirectly through each king. Each text had a different overall outlook on women, the Irish being very negative and the Arabian being very progressive, however any actual role within government was virtually nonexistent. Although this was in the middle ages, women are still not equally represented. It is very encouraging, however, that women are finally being recognized in governments around the world. For example, I just read an article on the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, in which she faced major backlash for vetoing the city’s Olympic bid for 2024. Raggi’s decision is not only the right one in my opinion, but also a very brave one. For a woman mayor to veto the largest sporting event on Earth undoubtedly conjured up a whole lot of sexism. She and other women are currently trailblazing through their nation’s governments, which is very exciting. Maybe women will finally find equal representation in government in the near future.

-Timmy Box



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