Women Being Women–Samantha

The documentary Strong Sisters showed the rich history of women politicians in Colorado. What I enjoyed most about this documentary was that it did not show women trying to be “one of the boys.” Instead, it showed women doing what they do best: being women and bringing their own talents and intuitions into politics.

Women brought a shakeup into the political system in Colorado. The film made a great point about women being homemakers and being able to create a balanced home, and they were able to bring that into politics. This was not to say that there have never been great male politicians, but rather that women brought something new to the table. They brought a new perspective and represented a new demographic. This is something that I am extremely grateful for today, especially as issues about women’s health are brought up. It is comforting to know that women are able to stand together for issues like women’s health, rather than standing for their party and the long held beliefs of their party. It took extreme courage for women from the more conservative Republican party to stand up for the rights of women and the LGBT community. Women are trained by society to be compassionate and understanding, and this is something that I think needs to be incorporated into politics, and not just on the state level, on the federal level as well. Women were able to do this, not by being clones of men, but by being uniquely women.

Women making a difference by being women are something that I think has a strong impact on society. So often if a girl does not fit into the social norms placed on her she is categorized as “one of the boys.” But why can’t she simply be a girl who wants to play with firetrucks or a teenager who enjoys playing football, or a woman who wants to make a difference in the world by going into politics? Women who have as much ambition and talent, or even more, than men should be praised and rewarded instead of ostracized or harassed. We live in such an advanced society, but everything is still so ridiculously gendered, from toys to clothes, to careers. I think that women can do anything that men can do, not because they are manly, but because they are human.

It is amazing to know that Colorado has such a rich history of women in politics, but there is still a long way to go when it comes to gender equality on any level. I think, though, that educating people on the issues that women face, and letting them see strong women who have overcome societal expectations are part of a long overdue solution. I hope that as we progress, a woman in office will no longer come as a shock to people, or that we will no longer represent the minority in a country that is equally ours.



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